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Truckin’ Through Nebraska is a fun, hands-on children’s museum experience created for the kids of Nebraska in honor of the 150th anniversary of statehood. It provided a unique, entertaining and unforgettable learning experience to thousands of children living in areas of the state without their own children’s museum. The exhibit components are now at the Omaha Children’s Museum.

When the State of Nebraska was making plans to celebrate their 150th anniversary of statehood they had a problem: the state has lots of small towns sprinkled far and wide across the landscape. How could they include everyone in the state, even those in small, far-off places, in the anniversary celebration? And especially small children, some of whom have never ever seen a museum?

Agri-Quest is a multi-player game that solved the problem of communicating often dry and boring facts and information about NE’s largest and most important industry, agriculture, in a fun and memorable way.

Agri-Quest Quiz Table

A few videos of the touch interactive in action.